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Why Pokemon is a Good Appreciating Asset to Buy

Collectibles are a worth asset class to invest in given their higher consigned value, often higher than the original purchase price; hence investing in them is rewarding and maximizes returns. Pokemon Cards is a collectible that requires investors' consideration as an investment option due to the skyrocketing demand for Pokémon cards globally, especially among millennials. The investment option is appropriate given its easy buy and sell integration that gives investors control over their purchase options. 

The trading cards are also easy to maintain and store and yield a high rate of return, such that an investment in Pokémon cards worth $500 could bear about $5000 within five years. In comparison, buying stocks of similar value would return $1000 to the investment within five years, making Pokemon cards’ purchase a preferred alternative investment option due to its perceived high rate of return (Butsch).

The sale of Pokemon cards continues to thrive on various markets, especially in e-bay where buyers traffic and views continue skyrocketing, leading to sales growth that has positioned Pokemon Cards as a leader in the trading cards industry with the company observing a sales increment of over 500% in 2020 (eBay News Team).

The Pokemon cards skyrocketing can be attributed too many factors, celebrity marketing being among them with Logan Paul, a famous YouTube star who highly contributed to the escalation in demand for the cards. The celebrity live-streamed an occasion where he unboxed a rare box containing cards worth $200,000 that received viewership from around 22 million subscribers setting the pace for the demand and sale of Pokemon cards.

Investors need to reconsider their asset options and channel their financial assets to the Pokemon Card collection field. The investment is worth contemplation, given the high value of the trading cards, ever-growing demand of the rare cards, an auspicious value increment, and available global markets that asset purchasers may readily assess before making transaction decisions (Isaacs). Therefore, as investors evaluating alternative investments, they should be versatile in considering Pokemon Cards, whose value continues rising and the market demand growing, making it a feasible venture option.

HandHeldStocks Team

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